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We would like to welcome all of our new parents and children to Rothley Park Kindergarten

Government Funding Early Education Entitlement

FEEE is available to all children the term following their third birthday, for a minimum of 38 week’s per year. This is claimed by the setting and throughout term time only. Each term can vary between 11 and 15 weeks. The funding hours will be shown on your invoice each month. Please do not hesitate to see us in the office if you have any queries regarding your child’s funding. Funding is offered only over term-time, no funding is available in August.

New Contact Details

If your contact details change could you please notify the office so that we can change the details on the computer database. This is for the safety of your child in case there is an emergency. If you move address could you also please update us with the new details. Thank you.

Collection of Children

Could we please remind you that we do need to be informed if anyone different is picking up your child. A form is available in the office and is to be filled out giving all descriptions and contact details of the designated person collecting on that day.

Early Birds – Important Notice to all Parents

Please note that children cannot be dropped off in their rooms any earlier than 8.00am, this is in accordance with OFSTED and Insurance guidelines. Please have consideration for the staff who use this time up until 8.00am to prepare and discuss the day’s activities. Thanking you for your co-operation.

Ted’s 1st Year at Rothley Park Kindergarten

Ted joined Rothley Park Kindergarten last year at just 10 weeks old. This month he will be celebrating his 1st birthday in style. Ted’s journey into nursery life has been very rewarding for all; children and parents have formed great relationships with him. Ted continues to support children with significant educational and therapeutic needs, he’s built great friendships with all the children. We all wish Ted a very happy Birthday!

World Book Day

Be your favourite book character on world book day; Thursday 7 March- however, please feel free to dress up on any day your child attends. Minimum of a £2 donation, but all donations are welcome and all proceeds will go towards our chosen charity “Emma Shaw’s immunotherapy treatment”. Thank you for your continuing support.


birthday parcels
  • Poppy who will be 1 on 1st February
  • Connall who will be 3 on 2nd February
  • Jamie who will be 3 on 12th February
  • Seth who will be 2 15th February
  • Georgia who will be 2 on 17th February
  • Jude who will be 2 on 17th February
  • Theo who will be 1 on 17th February
  • Harry who will be 4 on 19th February
  • Alfie who will be 3 on 24th February
  • Alyssia who will be 3 on 24th February
  • Aaron who will be 2 on 25th February
  • Ella who will be 3 on 29th February

Happy Chinese New Year - Tuesday 5th February

This Chinese lantern craft is quick and easy to do, but a string of them hung across a room looks bright and pretty and perfect for a Chinese New Year or Lantern Festival display.
You will need:
A4 coloured card
A4 coloured paper (in a different colour to the card)
Tissue paper
Glue stick
Thread to hang

Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Cut lines through the fold to about 1 ½ inches from the top of the paper at about 1 inch intervals. Cut a ½ inch piece off the end.
Cut a strip of about 2 inches off the width of the card. Glue strips of tissue paper along the uncut side.
Take the paper and glue it on top of the card along the top and the bottom, matching the edges. You will find that the middle of the paper sticks out.
You should be left with a ½ inch strip of card showing along one side. Glue along this strip and bend the lantern round into a cone shape. Staple to secure.
With the tissue paper hanging at the bottom, make two small holes in the top. Tie some thread through to hang the lantern.

chinese lantern

Activity .....
Valentine's Day

Here's a pretty sun catcher heart to display in your window for Valentine's Day. Children will enjoy tearing the tissue paper and creating their design.
You will need:
Tissue paper in red, pink and purple

Cut out a heart from card. Cut out the middle carefully.
Turn over so you are working on the back.
Paint the acetate with a layer of clear drying glue. Stick on ripped up pieces of tissue paper. Stick down any loose pieces with more glue.
Leave to dry.

valentine heart
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