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We would like to welcome all our new parents and children to Rothley Park Kindergarten.


FEEE is available to all children the term following their third birthday, for a minimum of 38 weeks per year. This is claimed by the setting and throughout term time only. Each term can vary between 11 weeks and 16 weeks. The deduction will be shown on your invoice each month. Please do not hesitate to see us if you have any queries regarding your child’s funding. Please provide your Child’s Birth Certificate to validate your Claim.
All new parents will be invited to discuss the funding system with Narinder (Manager) before their eligibility claim date.

2 Year Old Funding

Two-year funding is now in operation and should parents be eligible to qualify this would be available a term after their second birthday. We require, the funding code, both parent's national insurance numbers and your child’s birth certificate to validate your claim.

April – 3 weeks: May- 3 weeks: June - 3 weeks: July – 2 weeks:

August 1 week: September - 4 weeks: October – 4 weeks: November – 4 weeks: December – 3 weeks:

January – 4 weeks: February – 3 weeks: March – 4weeks:

Graduation Photos

On Tuesday 4th June we will be holding our school leavers ‘Graduation Photo’s’ between 10.30am and 2.00pm, for any children who do not attend on this day, please feel free to bring them to have their photo taken from 10:30am. Please be prepared to wait and a reminder that photos are only for school leavers, no siblings.

Graduation Party 2024

We will be holding our school Leavers party on Monday 1st July, 3pm-4:30pm, for all of the children starting school in September. If your child does not attend nursery on a Monday, but you wish for them to come, they are more than welcome to join in, but we ask that they be accompanied by a Parent/Carer. Unfortunately, siblings will not be able to attend. If you could let the Bungalow/Pre-school staff know if you intend to come, that would be appreciated.

Summer Clothing

As the warm weather will be approaching (hopefully !), please can you provide sun cream and a sun hat clearly labelled with your child’s name. This will allow us to take your child outside to play safely. Unfortunately, if your child has not been provided with their own sun cream, then they will have to stay indoors for safety reasons. Thank you for your cooperation.


birthday parcels
  • Rivaiya will be 2 on 3rd June
  • Mia will be 2 on 4th June
  • Arnie will be 1 on the 11thJune
  • Noah will be 1 on 11th June
  • Alfie will be 1 on 12th June
  • Dala will be 4 on 11th June
  • Emmeline will be 3 on 15th June
  • Barnaby will be 3 on 15th June
  • Mabel will be 1 on 16th June
  • Maddox will 4 0n 15th June
  • Lily will be 4 on 19th June
  • Roux will be 2 on 20th June
  • Benjamin will be 1 on 21st June
  • Bonnie will be 1 on 27th June
  • Krish will be 3 on 27th June
  • Ottilia will be 4 on 27th June

Everyone at Rothley Park Kindergarten would like to wish all the children a
fabulous Birthday.

An activity to keep the children entertained

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous and easy paper butterfly craft? These simple and fun paper butterflies are perfect for brightening any space and bringing thoughts of warmer weather. This design requires the following:

• Scissors
• Glue
• A template
• Yarn
• Coloured craft paper

Step 1: You’ll need to print out the template on this page before diving in. You’ll get upper and lower wings.

Step 2: Then, accordion fold the wings. Apply a glue drop to the middle of the lower wings.

Step 3: Attach both sets of wings with the glue as the bonding agent. Tie some yarn around the middle section and use the ends as antennas. Spread the folds of the wings out to make them look full.

butterfly 1
butterfly 2
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