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Welcome Back

The nursery re-opened on the 1st June 2020 for all our children and it has been lovely seeing the children and parents slowly return. During the lockdown we continued to stay open for our keyworker children. Effective procedures are in place for all to follow and we have had a smooth and gradual return back into nursery. We thank you all for your continuing support in these coming few, challenging, months, adhering to all changes to keep everyone safe. To date, we have had no health-related issues during the lockdown and since your return on the 1st June. For the foreseeable future all parents are required to continue to follow our strict procedures to protect everyone. We need to continue to work in partnership with you all to avoid any infection, therefore, it is most important that you do not come to the nursery if anyone in your family is displaying symptoms of COVID-19. It is your responsibility to notify the nursery immediately.

Free Early Years Education Entitlement

FEEE is available to all children the period following their third birthday, for a minimum of 38 week’s per year. This is claimed by the setting and throughout the period only. Each period can vary between 11 weeks and 15 weeks. The deduction will be shown on your invoice each month. Please do not hesitate to see us if you have any queries regarding your child’s funding.

January – 4 weeks February – 4 weeks March – 3 weeks

April – 3 weeks May- 3 weeks June - 3 weeks July – 3 weeks

September - 4 weeks October – 4 weeks November – 4 weeks December – 3 weeks

School Leavers

We would like to wish all of our school leavers the very best of luck in September when they begin their next journey into school. We will miss you but please promise to come back and visit. We offer full and part time sessions as and when required, on availability, for all children who are leaving the nursery for school and are under the age of 5 years throughout the year and during school holiday. Please speak to us in the office. We wish you all well. We would be grateful if parents could provide us with their child’s actual leaving date (4 weeks written notice required), this will enable us to inform all new starters joining us. Please do not hesitate to speak to us in the office if you require any further assistance. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the school leavers Graduation Party due to current circumstances.

School Leavers Graduation Photographs

School leavers Photographs have been put on hold for the time being, until we feel it is safe to do so. Parents may be asked to contact the photographers direct to arrange a sitting at their studio.

Summer Clothing

As the warm weather is approaching please can you provide sun cream and a sun hat clearly labelled with your child’s name. This will allow us to take your child outside to play in the sunshine. Unfortunately, if your child has no sun cream of their own, then they will have to stay inside for their own safety. Thank you for your cooperation.


B W Happy Birthday


All the staff would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday:


  • Evelyn who will be 2 on 4th July
  • Max who will be 3 on 6th July
  • Oliver who will be 4 on 15th July
  • Olivia who will be 2 on 20 July
  • Joshua who will be 4 on 28th July
  • Zola who will be 2 on 30th July
  • Florence who will be 2 on 30th July
  • Oliver who will be 3 on 16th July
  • Leo who will be 3 on 5th July
  • Finley who will be 1 on 11th July
  • Harrison who will be 1 on 14th July
  • Aarie who will be 1 on 18th July
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