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We would like to welcome all of our new parents and children to Rothley Park Kindergarten

Dates For Your Diary

The nursery will be closed for Easter on Friday 19th April and on Monday 22nd April. We shall reopen on Tuesday 23rd April as usual. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Easter.
We will also be able closed on Monday 6th May, for May Day.

Red Nose Day

Week commencing 11th March. Wear something red for Red nose day. Please feel free to dress up on any day your child attends. Minimum of a £2 donation, however all donations are welcome, all proceeds will go towards our chosen charity “Emma Shaw’s immunotherapy treatment”.
Thank you to those parents who helped us raise £128 for children in need.

Government Funding Early Education Entitlement

FEEE is available to all children the term following their third birthday, for a minimum of 38 week’s per year. This is claimed by the setting and throughout term time only. Each term can vary between 11 and 15 weeks. The funding hours will be shown on your invoice each month. Please do not hesitate to see us in the office if you have any queries regarding your child’s funding. Funding is offered only over term-time, no funding is available in August.

Winter Clothing

As the weather is now cold and wet could you please bring in some indoor and outdoor shoes i.e. wellingtons and slippers. Also can you bring a warm coat, gloves and a hat so we can keep all the children wrapped up when we go outside to play. Could you please make sure that all these items are labelled with your child’s full name.

Health and Safety

Please can you provide your child with nappies, wipes, creams, Calpol or Nurofen when required. We do not have any spares and we are finding this difficult to change your child accordingly without any of their own products. This is for your child’s personal needs to be met. Thank you for your co-operation.

New Contact Details

If your contact details change could you please notify the office so we can change the details on the computer database. This is for the safety of your child in case there is an emergency. Thank you.

Mobile and Other Recording Devices

To ensure the safety and welfare of children in our care we operate a personal mobile phone usage policy which stipulates that personal mobile phones cannot be used by parents, visitors or staff when in the presence of children, on the premises. All staff mobile phones are placed on silence or switched off and are kept in their lockers. Staff can only use their mobile mobiles within the restricted (staffroom) area. As a reminder ‘Phone Prohibited’ signs are displayed at the entrance of both nursery and the bungalow premises. A sign is also on display outside the nursery staff room. Our main priority is the safety of your children and we thank you for your co-operation in this matter.



We would like to wish all of the following children a happy birthday from all of the staff


  • Elliott who will be 2 on 1st March
  • Charlie who will be 1 on 2nd March
  • Yash who will be 4 on 5th March
  • Eshan who will be 1 on 14th March
  • Maximus who will be 1 on 16th March
  • Freddie who will be 4 on 16th March
  • Noah who will be 3 on 17th March
  • Joshua who will be 1 on 20th March
  • Thomas who will be 2 on 25th March
  • Isabelle who will be 4 on 29th March
  • Viyaan who will be 3 on 31st March
  • Noah who will be 3 on 31st March

Mother's Day Activity - Salt Dough


Makes: 1 (350g) batch salt dough
125g plain flour
145g salt
120ml water
1 splash of oil

Sieve the flour into a bowl. Gradually beat with a spoon while adding in the salt. Add the water a spoonful at a time while steadily beating the dough until it resembles a dough texture. Add a splash of oil to prevent cracking and breaking up.
Mould into your preferred shape and place yours and your babies foot or hand to leave and in print. Lay them on some greaseproof or baking paper and on a baking tray. Cook them on a VERY low heat (around 100 degrees C/ 202 F) for up to 3 hours. If the shapes are over 1cm thick then they will probably need to be turned over during cooking.
Wait until cooled when removed from microwave before glazing with paint.
Salt Dough 2019
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